Marie Zoumanigui’s NYC Guide

“This Black History Month, I’m thrilled to join forces with Park Lane New York to craft a guide dedicated to celebrating diversity, culture, and entrepreneurship.” – Marie @PetiteMarieNYC

1 Bayab Gin

bayab and marie

"Let's kick things off with Bayab, a crafted gem straight from South Africa by Chris Frederick and Damola Timeyin of Spearhead Spirits. Every sip takes you on a voyage through Africa's botanical wonders. Experience the exclusive "One Love" cocktail at Rose Lane in Park Lane, showcasing Bayab's African
Rose Water Gin." - Marie

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2 Justice of the Pies


"Elevate your Rose Lane experience by pairing your meal with a heavenly slice of Salted Caramel Peach Pie or German Chocolate Pecan Pie from Justice of the Pies, founded by the talented Chef Maya Camille-Broussard." - Marie

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Petite Marie City View One Bedroom

"Now, let's talk fashion with Andrea Iyamah! The contemporary brand, founded by Nigerian designer Andrea Dumebi Iyamah, is known for its striking swimwear and ready-to-wear collections that beautifully marry bold aesthetics with cultural influences. They recently opened a location in SoHo, NYC, which is worth a visit." - Marie

4 Ami Colé

Ami Cole

"As a natural beauty enthusiast, the brand Ami Colé is one that I love. Founded by the Senegalese, Harlem - born Diarrha N'Diaye - Mbaye, Ami Colé is a trailblazing beauty brand committed to celebrating diverse skin tones." - Marie

5 Cafe Rue Dix

Cafe Rue Dix 1

"Heading over to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Cafe Rue Dix is where Senegalese warmth meets Parisian flair. Owned by Nilea Alexander and Lamine Diagne, it's a delightful fusion of traditional Senegalese dishes and classic French fare, offering a unique culinary experience. One of my favorite dishes is Thiebou Djeun, Senegal's national dish, and a must - try when you visit." - Marie

6 Cloudy Donut

Cloudy Donut 2(1)

"And last but not least, we've got Cloudy Donut, founded by Derrick Faulcon. It's not just any donut shop; it's the first Black - owned business in Brooklyn Heights, NY. Offering 100% vegan delights in 44 flavors, it's a sweet spot worth checking out in Baltimore, MD, and NoLita, NY." - Marie

7 Discover More

petite marie

"Discover more of Park Lane New York’s Black History Month activations and let them be your gateway to a month filled with culture, flavor, and meaningful encounters." - Marie

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