There is beauty in their temporariness. Sneak insider knowledge of these favorite local spots that happen only every so often.

1 Wollman Rink

Wollman Rink

Step into our back yard, Central Park, and rendezvous on ice at Wollman Rink. Show us your best skating skills while enjoying gorgeous views of the park, darling.

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2 Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams


The New York premiere of the exhibition Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams traces the groundbreaking history and legacy of the House of Dior. The exhibition brings to life Dior's many sources of inspiration—from the splendor of flowers and other natural forms to classical and contemporary art

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3 New York Botanical Garden Glow

Botanical Garden Glow

Let's glow shall we? The outdoor light experience will brighten up the grounds with thousands of energy-efficient LED lights and festive installations. After dark, you can walk this expanded 1.5-mile colorful experience with even more illuminated displays than last year, including plant stories, and whimsical, picture-perfect installations reflecting the surrounding gardens and collections with the Haupt Conservatory and Mertz Library Building as glowing centerpieces

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4 Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror

Jasper Johns

Originally conceived to honor both Johns’ 90th birthday and the Whitney’s 90th anniversary, Mind/Mirror will run concurrently at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and comprise paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints, many of which have never before been shown in public.

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