Park Lane New York

central park view

this will be our place

There’s something irresistible at 36 Central Park South. Featuring nostalgic panoramic park views and enchanting auras that have been thoughtfully reimagined by acclaimed design firm, Yabu Pushelberg. Honoring its original spirit, Park Lane’s senses have been renewed with modern, but whimsical charm, odes to New York’s past and present, and three bespoke culinary concepts by Scott Sartiano.

Join us. And find something beautiful and new, and, just maybe, the right amount of mischief.

The offers still stand

Let's rendezvous.

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  • beyond the archway lies an adventure waiting to happen. in other words? check-in⁠
photography by @yabupushelberg
  • my good side with @forbes, @ranagood, and @darlingrooftop. hold the applause, darlings. there's so much more to come
  • stay another way—a whimsical, charming, and almost certainly mischievous way. the choice is yours, my dear. make it at the link in bio⁠
photography by @thenatalieblack
  • meander longer, always. but when you need a moment to rest your mind—and your feet—we promise the adventures won't go far⁠
photography by @thenatalieblack